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    Gpr/fzr conversion help

    I have both skies and the fzr hull is wrecked. I was thinking of doing the swap. Is there any links that show a step by step swap. I have already done the stock exhaust mod for a customer that was trying to do this conversion. Fabing parts and things are not a problem for us. Just want to read up on what i might be getting into or should i just sell everything out of the fzr and make some money. Thanks

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    There are a few threads out there outlining the build. If you have the FZR your going to need the SHO driveshaft being the FZR is too short. Also don't bother glassing up the cuts because that is a complete waste of time and just makes a mess.

    You will also need a few hull performance parts for the GPR hull to deal with the extra speed.

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    I seen a ski site the guys located in FL they do conversions....

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