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    Help with GPR Ride plate Mod

    I'm trying to do the ride plate mod to achive a new angle and I'm a little confused. Most threads on this subject state that you should have .950 (which I'm assuming is just under a full inch) between the top of the level and the bottom of the ride plate at the very rear. Right now I'm at 5/16 of an inch, so I have a long way to go. I can't take that much off the mounting bosses of the plate otherwise I wouldn't have anything left. That's alot of fiberglass to take off and I'm concerned about the hull being too weak in that area. I've got the shoe put in properly and trying to do everything by the book. I working with a 2000 model and a Riva plate. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advanced.

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    Don't grind the hull......grind the ride plate!!! And you will have to clearance the bottom of the nozzle and pump, and on the plate too.

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    oh my god, leave the fiberglass alone...there's a few "how tos" and FAQs on creating the proper angle...the basic rule of thumb for flat water GPR top speed is the back of plate as high as you can without touching the pump and the front of the plate as low BUT not below the pump shoe...this is created with washers after grinding down the bosses...yes the difference between front to back is about an inch..

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    Thanks guys

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