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    About to Purchase a left over 2011 RXT 260 Yellow questions please help!

    I have 2 to choose from: Local Dealer has an IS model for $13,500, dealer 3 hours away has Non IS model for $11,500 I'm leaning toward non-IS because IS has to many moving parts, places for salt water to go?, 130lbs heavier, taller, and the money of course! and I think only the 2012 has the adjustable FOX dampener in glove box. AM I CORRECT IN MY THINKING?

    Also on the lake I can't find high octane gas, do octane boosters really work?

    and Lastly if you just put the top speed limiter cutoff on it will speed increase any?

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    I would take the non IS. Worth the 3 hrs to save a couple grand and the non IS rides great. I have the 11 RXT X 260 and didn't opt of for the adjustable dampener. I like to just fire up and ride, not tinker around with adjustments. The ride of the non IS is great for all conditions. I think they made them for the "older crowd" lol. Also if you just put on the SCOM you will only get a small increase in top end. It's just the gateway to add on more go fast parts.

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    The dealer should be able to be able to offer you an extended warranty during our boat show no cost to him. Called the BEST, worth getting especially with the RXT-X Sounds like a good deal and go with the Non IS model.

    This statement is my own personal opinion and in way reflects the thoughts or views of BRP and all brands including but not limited to Evinrude/Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo/Can-Am.

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