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    Online Parts Source

    I need to buy some pricey parts online and am not finding any places offering a real honest discount. Who is the best source? I did a search here and didn't find much either... thanks

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    What types of parts are you talking about?

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    electrical puter

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    just cause they are up there doesn't mean anyone has used them or they give discounts...

    Quote Originally Posted by sirbreaksalot View Post
    are you serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    look at the 2 banners above here GREENHULK performance or GREENHULK OE parts , might be time to clean your glass's


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    Quote Originally Posted by cgustafs View Post
    just cause they are up there doesn't mean anyone has used them or they give discounts...
    Enter greenhulk at check out will give you 10% off now stop posting and start buying.

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    sir, give 'em a break. if they are new to the site it's easy to miss the buttons at the top much less know the discounts.

    cg...this forum is owned by pwc performance that sells performance and oem parts. jerry and the team are outstanding. they ship fast and are always there to help you. you will not go wrong ordering from jerry that is for sure.

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