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    300x worn impellor splines

    Just a brief message to check your impellor spline leading edge condition. After a season of RACING all of it ocean riding ( always rough ) and 70+ hours the internal spline has started to badly wear / fracture on its leading edge only, also i found cavitation erosion on all three forward ( intake grate facing ) blades on the impellor. Pump bearings are holding up very well 100% silent and zero play. The drive shaft splines were in good order and under a magnifying glass showed no sign of damage just a very slight "thinning" again on the very end of the shaft, no sign of spline "twist" was evident. The pump stainless liner was still like new so i just replaced the impellor with a new again oem unit, blue lock tight and torqued to spec. This machine has not been modified in any way at all and has been the best pwc i have ever owned ( had over 30 machines in the last 22 years ).

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    Yes i did just for a split second WOT off the line / havent had a chance to re-check on the water yet as i stripped the steering system off ready for Havasu 300.

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