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    R&D C-1 supercharger Wheel

    This is a Like New ( mint condition) R&D C-1 supercharger wheel this is the latest 11 blade wheel $300.00 Inc. I Insured shipping any where in the USA. PM me if you are intersted.--------------------------------------------------------------Info from R&D web site-------------R&D’s new C1 11 Blade Series Monster Compressor Wheel Kit for Yamaha SHO/FZ/FZR engines is new and improved for 2009. The C1-11 will deliver “horsepower you can feel” with instant throttle response, improved mid range acceleration, and increased top end performance. The R&D Monster Wheel replaces the stock wheels inefficient 5 blade design with an all new modern low profile, high flow, 11 blade high tech design. The R&D Monster Wheel will deliver an increase of 3-3.5 pounds of boost pressure with a 1.5-2.0 pound per minute airflow gain. The R&D C1-11 Monster Wheel fits directly into the O.E.M. stock compressor housing for a “no modifications” bolt on and go part. The C1-11 Monster works with the OEM intercooler, OEM fuel injectors, OEM ignition system and the R&D Intake CFM Kit. Kit performs well on 91 octane pump gasoline. Boost rated 7/8.5/10 P.S.I. (7 @ 7500 and 8.5 @ 7700 and 10 @ 8200) Horsepower increases were professionally documented by MOTEC AUSTRALIA

    • Better throttle response, increased horsepower
    • Increased boost pressure ( 3-3.5 over stock @ 7700 rpm)
    • Increased airflow (1.5-2 pound per minute gain)
    • 45-50 Horsepower increase and 2 MPH Gain (with OEM ignition)
    • 70 Horsepower increase (with Motec ECU, CFM kit, 91 pump gas)
    • Precision balanced (turbo specs .012-.027 gram inches)
    • Utilizes OEM intercooler, OEM fuel injectors and OEM ignition system with R&D CFM Kit
    • 91 octane pump gas friendly
    • Ultra easy installation
    • Inexpensive horsepower upgrade------------------------------------ Tommy Jordan sold sold solod sold sold
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