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    Need 600 rpm's to start 73 Evinrude 85 hp

    This might seem like useless info/question.

    I remember in the Evinrude's service manual, I think on page 90, saying that it needs to spin 600 rpm's to start. I sold the boat a few years ago but remember it always needed a pretty good battery charge to start. Is there a required rpm to start these smaller 2 stroke multi-cylinder engines? I think the old 85 hp was a 2 stroke 2 liter 4 cylinder.

    I don't actually own a pwc yet but just curious.

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    They are going to fuss for outboard questions on here. That was like that because of the genorator that was used at the time. It had to spin up to make electricity, to fire the coils. All of the current engines, 2 or 4 stroke have much better electronics on them and are not as finicky as the old ones and most have electronic operated ignitions to where the genoartor part could actually fail and the engine still start and run great. And on the flip side to that some of them have such a huge demand from the fuel injection pump that they are dependant on the battery and the charge system until the rpms are up to a certain level

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