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    Cool Pictures Sometimes Deceiving

    Well Post Some Pictures that turn out to be deceiving if you have them.

    I will Start:

    To make Stary short I being looking @ lots of jetskies lately for a friend of mine. Came to conclusions people hide the bad stuff so you stop by. The latest deceiving was the below 209 and 2010 rxpx. Both are 12 and 14 hrs, very low hours for X type. They Where advertise as 20k for both, we where expecting to get only one for arround 9-10k. After long drive for inspection, turn out the PWC have being sitting under there for over 7 Months, without cover on heat, Water and sun. The Outside defentely needed care, but the worst thing was inside. Coolant Leak, The interior have never being wach despike they are used in SaltWater, There where salt deposits everywhere and corrosion everywhere as well. I was even afraid to low ball $3000 for one of them thinking the motor might even explote trying to start them. Te bateries where both dead and We were not able to start them. Never to say we where very disapointed.

    So Pictures could be deceiving. Make all the questions as posible. From now on I need to whole history, from Oil change, to how you take care of it. Even Low hours might not means great shape PWC.

    Anyone Knows the risk of not starting a Sky for so long?, I will guess interior parts will corrode and they will break appart once is used?, Any true on that?

    Out Of both teh 09 was in a little bit better shape, With cleanup, Paint and Wax, might be worth 6000 if it runs......
    Deceiving Pict:

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    That comes from people with more money than brains...

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    Alpheus, AGREE

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