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    Extended Warranty

    I can't seem to find this information anywhere...

    If I by a Waverunner that's still within its first year warranty, can I still purchase a Yamaha extended warranty to cover it two additional years? This would be for an FX HO.

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    i am 99% sure you can ... it's just going to cost a little more if you dont buy it at the time of purchase i belive

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    Yes you can... I did with mine.. 4 year YES was $920 + tax, not sure what the 2 year price is.

    As long as you buy it before the initial warranty is over, it's the same price as when you purchased the ski new.

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    Great - thanks guys!

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    As others have said, you can still add the extra warranty. Even if your ski is a little over a year old-- say 13-15 months-- yamaha will likely be willing to deal with you. I called when my ski was over a year old and they were willing to sell the warranty.

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    Yes, and the price varies significantly so shop around. I bought my YES 4 year extension for $620 out of a shop in Fondulac, WI.

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