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    Ride plate and intake grate install help

    Hey guys I just purchased a rice groovy ride plate and intake grate and was wondering if there is any tips for installing them and what to look for while under the ski. I have read so far that these parts will help the ski out compared to stock but still confused on what they actually do for the ski. So far from what I have read the intake grate will help force more water to the pump to help with speed and hole shot. The ride plate is the one I really can't find any info about beside it helps you get on plane faster.

    I have a 96 wave venture 1100 and I want it to handle pretty good but mainly want the hole shot for towing a tube with it. I am not to concerned on the top speed but a little quicker wouldn't be to bad. I am already planning to do the jetworks mod as soon as I get paid again.

    Any help or advice would be helpful since this is my first time ever modding a ski or pulling these parts off

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    your ski basically rides on the ride plate so when upgraded it can help with porposing speed and so forth

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    Great thanks luke!

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    Intake grate...use 4200 fast cure 3m glue ...remove the entire pump so you can seal it up properly to prevent cavitation. once you go to install must not hang down or you will scrub speed. Most folks use a floor jack to add pressure so when the glue's as far up as possible. On the ramp must glue on both sides to prevent air bubbles also.

    Ride careful due stripped inserts....all bolts get blue loctite and be careful not to over tighten any of the bolts...


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    Where would I get the 4200 glue at? Would home depot have it? Also what is the ramp side? Sorry never taken apart a ski before. I will search on how to seal the pump and the ramp.

    On the Ride plate I would only go until it is snug. I am always cautious on how I tighten bolts

    Thanks for the advice!

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    almost any boat store carries the 3m 4200. You have a ramp side that is on the back of the ski that leads up to the pump section. Where the ramp actually allows the water to goto the should seal both sides since there will be an evident gap. Snug is okay...but not want to get them tight ...just don't strip the inserts.


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    Oh ok I am sure when I start the tear down of it I will understand better. I will see if west marine out here has the 4200.

    So basically I unbolt the pump from the ski and put glue around the outside of the pump frame and then bolt it back up? Right now I really don't have a lot of cavitation but then again these are the stock parts. I had cavitation only when I was going full throttle.

    I will go slowly with the bolts on the plate and grate.

    Until my riva intake grate comes in could I do anything to help out the stock grate? I read removing the middle bars would help but that was for a different ski

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    The middle bar removal works well on a Venture.

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