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    Crashed/trashed nano hull.

    Hi, With all of the questions about the nano hull, and the heresay and guessing about repairs and tunnel reinforcements. I'd like to do a series of destructive and adhesive tests on parts of an actual hull.
    If someone's got one that has been involved in an auto accident or is otherwise totaled (beyond cost-effective repair), I'd like to get it from you. I will use various adhesives and test for failure. I will find the physical limits of the material itself. I will burn test to see if this material supports combustion and find fiber content percentage and makeup - tho I can't find matrix (resin) composition (my tests will be simple - Proper preparation and adhesion vs no preparation and adhesion, the claw of a hammer, possibly a strain gauge if I can get multiple glues that work too well to break apart by hand, I'll compare them to each other). If I can find a lab that'll do some tests for a reasonable fee, I'll send samples to them for more professional analysis. I will post my findings with photographic documentation.
    I'm in Alaska, so a West Coast ski will likely be cheaper to get here. If there's one in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I can possibly borrow a shop and work there. I'm hoping to not pay more than a few hundred bucks in shipping. I hope there is no one that has lost a ski but my guess is that there's one out there ready to help us make the others better! Thx.

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    Contact " Osidebill" on the forum via PM I think he has one you might can get On the west coast, Tommy Jordan

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