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    215 Engine Rebuild Advice

    Hi, looking for some advice from the GH Gurus.

    A friend bought an 07 RXT 215 with the crank bearings piled up. The engine did not seaze, but made a hell of a racket. The engine is pulled and the bottom bearings are ground down even to the oil galleys in the bearing. None of the bearing spun. The crank has small gouges in it. Supercharger was rebuilt within 7 hrs of the bottom end going, but it wasn't the problem as the charger SEEMS fine, rolling very smoothly. There is slight scuffing on the oil side of the water pump this normal? One cylinder was running on the rich side, other 2 a nice brown.

    My ? is, and this is for my buddy who has a tendency to do things minimally, what parts would you replace? The block will be checked and cleaned, oil pumps cleaned and all that. If I could get a list of the parts needed I can get the prices for them off the net to give him an idea of what its going to cost him. Is the after market parts available? Or is he going to have to buy Sea Doo OEM? Thanks guys.

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    Supercharger didn't happen to have been rebuilt because it dropped washers? (then taking out the oil pumps...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_man_luke View Post
    Supercharger didn't happen to have been rebuilt because it dropped washers? (then taking out the oil pumps...)
    +1, certainly sounds that way..

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