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    Kawaski jet ski engine paint - Heres the correct color to buy!

    Hi guys, Ive built a couple 750 big pin engines in the past 3 yrs and each time I wonder whats the correct paint to use... Everyone I talk to tells me to use Kawasaki Green which is Grabber Green (Dupli-color DE1641) but that is not the original color of the jet ski engines.... The correct color is Torque 'N' Teal DE1643 by Dupli - color. It is a exact match. I just pulled my exhaust manifold off due to a crack and had it welded.... Not wanting to paint the whole manifold and have it mismatched, I started dueing some research. This is the exact color. I didnt even have to paint the whole manifold its such a perfect match... This paint is available at Summit racing.......A bit pricey with shipping but if you dont mind buying a whole case you can order it at Oriely auto parts for 5.99 a can if you buy the whole case... Hope this helps!

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    Good to know. Thanks!

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    Great to know, I was just trying to find out what color it is. I just ordered a can from Summit, thanks.
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    I had a '97 750 SS it definitely had that teal color from the factory.

    Maybe it was the early small pins that were Kawasaki green and they switched the color to teal at the factory to tell the difference between them during the transition year.

    Great find!

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