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    Newbie questions

    I've been going over these forums quite a bit this weekend and have some questions. I have the opportunity to purchase an 03 GTX w/trailer, 51 hours from my boss for 3500 (which seems like a good price). We live a couple miles from multiple lakes and think my wife and daughter would enjoy it.

    He takes great care of his stuff but is there anything I should be looking for? This would be my first PWC, have had dirtbikes and motorcycles all my life though. So I'm used to maintaining my toys. How much maintenance is involved with a PWC?

    Ive read the stickies here but any advice for a newbie would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    My advise is to pull plugs inspect for rust and run compression test. There is alot of other things to look for just do some reading on here..... Wealth of info

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