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    Rail system for the rxp

    After looking with no success to find a replacement rail system for my shuttle craft to make my rxp work with it I have decided to construct something myself. I currently have aging tigersharks that I use to move it but I know their time is limited and I am sick of messing with them. My though is to use some round tubing mounted on a bracket and then cover it with some type of foam. I want to use the strap system that is currently attached to the fiber glass rail system that is on the ski now. My second thought is to cut the current rails in front of where it starts to narrow to fit the tigershark hull. (the back area of the rail system fits the sea doo) Then I would seal it off and create shorter rales up front for the sea doo to go into. Now I am just trying to figure out what materials to use. Has anyone ever done this before? If so what type of stuff did they use?


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    OK I think I have the basics figured out of what I am going to do to fix this. I plan on cutting the front of the current rail where it narrows for the tigershark and then making a wood form that will match the current rail which works for my ski. On the back of the wood for I will have a bigger block of wood to fit in the cavity created and then I am going to cover it with fiberglass. I have some questions on the glassing though for anyone that uses it. How much should I use to make this sturdy? Is there a set amount typically used for marine applications?

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