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    skat pump vs rotax racing pumps help

    hi guys just want to no if anyone has used either of these pumps and could give me feedback. i no seadoo center uses skat pumps and modify them future but has anyone used both and give me feedback on the both please thanks

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    RR is a great CC race pump. For rec riding, right now anyway, it is hard to beat the stock pump.

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    Thanks for that I thought the re pump was better then skat for top
    Speed. Anyway learn something new everyday

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    Quote Originally Posted by 270rxp View Post
    Thanks for that I thought the re pump was better then skat for top
    Speed. Anyway learn something new everyday
    The skat can handle more power, big HP boats have damaged RR pumps before now. Les's setup is quite different from stock skat setup.

    All in all tho both good products with pro's and con's.


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    There is allot stuffing around with the skat pump
    To how les has it. And what you you mean can't rr pumps can't handel big power says who?

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    I remember hearing a rumor years ago that Les or James Bushell had tested one of the older RR pumps in a high hp turbo rxp and blew the veins out of it. Personally I love the RR pump in my open class rxpx. The hookup and acceleration is awesome. It is most likely holding the ski back a bit on top end over say a stock pump, but with closed course top end isn't everything.

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    I know someone who is doing allot of testing with both pumps and others only
    Time will tell what greatest pump is coming around the corner

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