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Thread: Keys PWC rental

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    Keys PWC rental

    Hi everyone,
    Im from the Uk, have been lucky enough to ski in and around the Orlando area several times as my parents have a home in Orlando. Been on the St Johns with the Soflo guys a few years back and was the best skiing I've ever done! Coming back out in a couple of weeks but unfortunately don't have a ski this time.
    was thinking about visiting the Keys as have never been there before, could anyone point me in the right direction for some PWC rental down there that isn't going to melt my wallet. Now I realise it's not going to be on a RXPX like I'm used to but a slow PWC is better than no PWC!!
    Have no idea of where to go so any help is very appreciated!

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    Most rental places in Key West use low power Yamaha VX or Seadoo GTI skis for obvious reasons. In a few fleets I saw an FXHO or a FXSHO. I dont know if they rent those out or if they are just for the dockmaster/noobie rental sheep herder to go out and service lost/ broken skis.

    One rental place next to the Publix has SeaDoo Speedster boats.

    This was all in Key West. You didnt specify what part of the Keys, but there are a few rental places up and down the Key Chain that will also rent, but Key West has the largest collection.

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    I was just down over the summer (usually go a couple of times a year), and everywhere I went they were renting VX's and a few GTI's. Everything that had any power to it was for ride leaders etc. I rented a Speedster (was thinking of getting one) for a lap around Key West (pretty cool 25+ mile ride), but even it was the 155HP version.

    Cool tours, worth doing, just don't expect to make that lap around KW too fast

    Probably going to bring mine down next time

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    The boat thing sounds a good idea, I think I'll go for that instead thank you for the info. Do you remember the name of the place in Key West? I have never been to the Keys before and don't know which one is best but if Key West have the boats then that's where I will go. My other half and I have a baby so on a boat we can all go!
    Any other advice on the area greatly appreciated, looking forward to seeing it as everyone says how beautiful it is

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    A lot of the hotels have concierge service that can direct, and they'll get you about the best deal you can get. We ended up renting from the Ibis Bay, they seemed to have the best equipment at the time, and the best tour. Our tour guide had the whole Jim Brewer act from Half-Baked (stoner) going on, which was cool, for about 20 minutes, but he was actually a pretty good tour guide.

    We go usually 2-3 times a year (easy trip from Central Florida, especially if you fly), and usually end up staying at The Inn, it's not on Duval, but the pool is awesome and the drinks are pretty strong. If you're pulling skis, they have a huge parking lot, too.

    Don't rent a car if you fly in, cabs are everywhere, like NYC, but they aren't cheap. If you can, rent a scooter, there's parking for them everywhere, and a fun way to see the island.

    Eat Breakfast at Blue Heaven, get the Lobster Benedict (if you're into those types of things). Completely ignore the fact you're basically in a backyard with chickens running around. The pancakes are also awesome, made with beer.

    Other than that, have fun. Love that place.

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