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    which hose to clamp

    can anyone point out which hose to clamp if towing a sea doo?

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    it's a 2004 and 2006 rxp.

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    You should get an Inline Ball Valve rather than a Clamp. Clamps can still let some Water get by. A Ball Valve will not let ANY Water by.

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    I have to do this as well for mine come spring... There are some really good threads if you have a bit to search and read. The ball valve or even a manual vale is recommended over the hose crimper. I will be towing my doo all summer, so it is a necessity.

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    best place to buy?

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    manual valve is better?

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    The pipe you need to clamp or put a ball valve in is the hose with red tape around it

    It's near the supercharger

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    Thanks...I think I've got it, is it the long hose which attaches to the bottom of the IC on the front of the engine. I'm planning on putting a ball valve closer to the front if it's the right one. 2006 RXP stock.

    I think it's the #1 hose?


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    Quote Originally Posted by faslodex View Post
    I think it's the #1 hose?
    That's it!

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