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    interchangability of MFI

    Hi all, I have a 2002 genesis i which needs an mfi, a forum member has one which is also off a 2002, it's close to what i need, the only difference is my old one has a gas guage needle under the mph guage, and the one he has doesn't. His is a model # 3280365, and mine is # 3280371. On his the oil and gas levels are digital. Other than that they look the same, so... are they interchangable?
    Thanks, Kev

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    genesis has electronic reverse has to have display for that,i believe the virages don't

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    Be sure to get one from a genesis. The MFIs for the genesis have a different speedometer calibration than the one from the Virage. If you need one I have one I can sell you.

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    You will need either a 3280371 or a 3280292. MFI 3280292 has the built-in Compass and Deutsch connector for Depth display, PERC electric reverse position indicator (1999-2001 Genesis Ficht, 1999-2000 Genesis carb'ed)

    MFI 3280371 has Compass, PERC reverse display (2002-2004 Genesis Ficht, 2001-2002 Genesis carb'ed)) and on my 3280371 it also has the depth finder connection.

    The needle under your MPH guage should be for the PERC reverse not fuel. Do you not have a digital display for your fuel and oil levels?

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    Ok I'm stupid, mine is so fogged up I thought fwd said full.

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