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    MSX 140 starting issues

    Can anyone please help me with an issue I am having with my 140...It ran fine all summer except the last time we went riding for the summer, got it to the lake it started and went about 10 ft from the dock and died. It cranks and starts then sounds like it is starving itself for fuel. Do you think my problem is the fuel pump, or could it be a sensor, or worse....???

    Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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    Welcome to the Hulk! I would check the fuel pressure for sure. Take a look here at K447's page > http://polarispwcknowledge.shorturl....jected-engines < and it has some good info on checking out your ski. If you got little or no fuel pressure the regulator has likely came off and is in the bottom of the tank and thats an easy fix. Also take a look at this post for info on fuel pressure checking. Let us know what you get. Any warnings on the MFD?

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    Okay, checked fuel pressure it is good, also took out fuel pump and nothing had fell off in the bottom all hoses still connected. What should my next step be? No, no warnings to speak of.

    Thanks again

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    Could be a number of things. Maybe a misfire? Eliminate what you know is working to determine where to look. There are 3 things to check, compression, spark and fuel.

    Do a compression test first, you should be getting around 120psi per cylinder. Once that checks out proceed to your spark, try to start the engine with one cylinder lead at a time to see if each one starts or not, if that all checks out you may need to look at your injectors or tps or other. Perhaps you can be a little more descriptive in it's behaviour, does it die at idle or revs?

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    If you have no warnings on the screen this means the EMM is not storing a fault code. As for spark, its a wasted spark system on your engine, it sparks and only fires the cylinder when fuel is injected from the fuel injector. Does your engine have the grey tempo fuel lines? If so, change them out, they turn to goo! If it will start and run fine until you hit the gas, spark shouldnt be a problem. Check the compression holding the throttle wide open with the plugs out while cranking the engine. As a urugol said, if you can give us more details of how its running that would be helpful. Also, the TPS as he mentioned can also cause it to do crazy things and they do go bad on a regular basis. Cheers.
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