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    Cooling and water routing

    I have an FZR that I am working on with:
    -Power filter and engine breather
    -Fuel pressure regulter
    -Manifold upgrade
    -1000cc fuel injectors
    -Valve retainers and shaft upgrade
    -Riva water box with FF
    -G3 Innercooler

    I was hoping that we could start a thread on cooling and water routing. What ways have been done and what has the best results?

    On my ski has:
    -Two 1/2''lines coming for the pump and going to the innercooler and then two 1/2''lines leaving the innercooler and exiting the ski
    -One 1/2''line coming from the pump and splits going to the oil cooler
    -One 1/2''line going to the engine with a T going to the bottom side of the muffler
    -The line coming off of the rectifier and going the the top of the muffler I have the water restricted
    -And I am using the stock thermostat

    What do you have?

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    My setup is:

    -R&D high flow strainer with 2 1/2" fittings
    -1 fitting has 1/2" line through hull to IC
    -1 fitting with 1/2" line through hull to additional 1/2" fitting on rectifier housing

    -1/2" line coming from nozzle visibility spout through hull to a T fitting between main line and lower pipe

    -OEM Main line splits and 1 goes to IC and the other OEM feeds the Oil Cooler and Engine

    -IC has 1) 1/2" exit to OEM Starboard side and 1) 3/8" exit to the rear of the craft

    -1/2" line from Oil Cooler to Water Cooled SC housing and then 1/2" exit to OEM Port side

    -Thermostat removed

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