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Thread: Loss of rpm

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    Loss of rpm

    I hav a 04 rxp with v-tech x charger,50s ,riva valve train.4in air,15/20 prop. I just got the ski running 80 at 8600 rpm. I only have an hour on it and its only running 8300 rpm to 8250 .the first 5 min it seems to go to 8500 then when it gets hot only 825o to 8300. I dont no if it has the riva thermostat kit or not.did not know if it would a big difference. Rode it without the seat on 8450 rpms.put seat back on 8250 8300.thanks for any help

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    i wish i could help, but of course it will gain more rpms since the seat is off which means more air, check your coils as well may be 1 of them needs to be clean, good luck

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    heat soak, search for bilge blower to help get the hot air out.

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