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    OEM parts vs Generic Parts

    Just have 2 questions. Are OEM parts as good as generic parts? I paid almost $21 bucks a piece for base carb gaskets as opposed to $3 for generic parts. Obviously I am new to the scene of carb rebuilding. Of course, there is a 20% restocking fee to exchange them for the less expensive parts. Is there much of a difference in quality? 2nd question, are the needle sizes on each carb of a 2001 GPR all the same?
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    this question is a tough one some times.

    some after market parts are fine, and as good, or even better than original. some do not last, and fail prematurely.
    we offer many, of each. having a PWC service shop here, with over 20 years experience, i have tried most every product on the market, and come to my own conclusions.

    carb base gaskets can be had, at a lower than OE price, and a quality product.

    internal carb parts, it has been my findings, it is best to stick with genuine mikuni brand parts.

    the needle and seats are the same, in all three of your carbs.

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    no need to start a new thread when you already had one going

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    so didn't post when i originally looked at it

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    Thanks for the information!

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    Aftermarket parts like gaskets are fine. Anything electrical or mechanical I would stick with OEM.

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