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    Seadoo xp oil problem

    Got a 93 seadoo xp with a 650cc 2 stroke bombardier. The starter is a ok and out battery is fine. There is oil everywhere. Without the spark plugs in it spits oil everywhere and with the plugs in, it won't even turn over but a couple times. I don't understand please help

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    The rotary valve rotax engines tend to seep oil from the rotary valve chamber into the combustion chamber. I had a 94 spx that would dump a huge amount of oil into the cylinders over the winter. Leave a spark plug off, blow the oil out, switch spark plugs, blow the other cylinder out, start. It will smoke like crazy for a few minutes.

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    You need to replace the crankshaft in order to replace the inner seals.

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    I have had some success bandaiding that problem to get more ride time. After all the oil is out of the case you'll need to also drain the RV cavity by unhooking the tubing under the intake side. You will also need to do away with the oil injection pump and go premix, (instructions found somewhere on here). Now you can add some oil stop leak for cars, the kind that swells seals, to the RV cavity, I'm guessing about 4-6 ozs. Then top the rest off up to your tubing elbow or tee with something like 100-120wt gear lube. Add the oil to the intake side so the air bubbles rise out of the exhaust side tubing. Depending on how bad the seals are this will get you 1-2 more seasons.
    Keep an eye on that lube level every ride!

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