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    Help removing pump from gp1200

    Hey guys. Anyone have any tips on removing the pump from a gp1200? Any tips?


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    Oil pump?

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    No, the jet pump. Do I need a special tool to remove the coupler inside the hull?

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    Unbolt and remove the rideplate, then locate and unbolt the 2 bolts on top of the pump and the 4 long ones holding pump together. Finally locate the tabs on the side of the pump, put a flat head in between and pry slowely and carefully til the pump seperates from the wear ring.

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    ...or, another method is to remove the 4 long (14mm socket) bolts from the nozzle/pump, and the other shorter 4 (also 14mm socket) from the wear ring/transom, then pull the entire pump out, along with the short impeller shaft of course. (And don't forget the little 10mm (socket) bolt 'set-screw' on the left hand side.) Doing it this way will at least give you room to pry the pump from the ring by setting it on a bench or table... . Pretty easy once you do it a couple times. The knowledge won't be in vane either as it will be used for other parts replacement/mods/maintenance in this area of the ski

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoristKW View Post
    No, the jet pump. Do I need a special tool to remove the coupler inside the hull? don't to seperate the coupler at all.....

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    Thanks for all the replies guys. Seems easy enought. I will try it tomorrow.

    How much you guys think I can sell the pump and nozzle for?? The prop has corrosion on it a bit..

    And what about the coupler half? Thats inside the hull. How can I get that off? Will it just fall out once the pump is out??

    What about the shaft??

    Thanks again.

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    Done and done. See video

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