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    Tell me your scary moment

    Today i had my first scarry moment in the rxp, the plastic knot that holds the stearing cable so it could pull and push, the one near the water hose conection broke, so i end up without able to steer to the right and taking in water. Notice someting wrong w the steering and stop to do a visual inspection, while turning in circles to the left the weight of the water in the hull shifted and the jetski almost tilted, while the jetski was tilting to the left i punch it in a last effort to keep it from tilting and push the handle bar away in the oposite direction, this while i was falling to the side with my 15yr old cousin, it work the ski Dint tilt but the ski end up about 15 feet from us, in 2-3 waves we hurry to catch him up, at arriving told the kid, to jump in and we will punch it to shore . Was able to start quick and head to shore quickly where i was able to get it out.

    Will verify if Gery have the part for sale and will stop @ Julio sea doo shop to see if he have one in stock.

    I learn that if the ski is runing and someting is wrong i should try to get to shore as quick as posible. There was very little i could have done in the water. And in the water is always limited the things you could do while the ski is moving side by side.

    Tell me you scarry moment, sure there are lots out there

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    Glad it worked out for you....your last three lines are spot-on. You can do very little for a ski while on the water. So if at all possible, ALWAYS get to land if you think you are having a problem.

    About 12 years ago, I was into stand-up skis and trickery really heavy. I was practicing catch & release...(you launch the ski out of the water, let go completely, then try to catch the ski on the way back down without busting your ass). And yes, I know....really stupid. Anyway, I decided to try this in 4-6 ft swells in the middle of the bay off the wake of a cargo ship. On the catch, Me & the ski came down, and the motor COMPLETELY DISLODGED from the hull on that Kawasaki. It is probably still on the bottom of the bay to this day. Lucky for me, I was with a buddy, and he came and towed my ass in with no motor. When we got to the ramp, the damn thing almost sank. I have that hull to this day just to remind me that these things are not toys & and they can put you in the cemetary if you don't respect em.

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    In 96 I had a new wave blaster 2. Was jumping barge wakes on the Mississippi. Wait for a large barge heading upstream- get about a 1/4 mile behind them and you get swells about 4'-6' high and 10'-15' from crest to crest. We would head upstream and jump from one crest to the next. I overshot and landed nose first In the bottom of a swell ski went through wave and popped up in bottom of next swell and I was stuck 1 swell over. Couldn't get through the upstream swell to get back to my ski. Pretty scary at the time-ms river can be tough

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    Mine takes like 2 pages to describe. Maybe tomorrow.

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    No story just video as it will explain it all..
    San Onofre, ca. Sharks hang out there.. If it wasn't for Ahmed (aha) and Brian (Surfracer) who knows how long I would have been floating there..

    Skip to the 10:50 mark

    This is where I sank..

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    What caused the sinkage? blown hose?
    Thats my most feared occurrence - sinking.

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    scariest moment? attempting to do a back flip on my 96XP, in front of party cove, in the Ozarks, in 10ft chop, getting 1/2 way over, flying upside down and backwards and realizing that I dont have enough momentum to get it the rest of the way around.

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    i had the same thing happen with the stearing cable nut, but i was going under a bridge. scary crap!!! ended up riding it back like about 6 miles water didnt come in when i was moving!! worx makes a better nut, thats what i have now!!

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    Layed into a curve in the river (50-60' wide) at about 55-60 mph showing off for some people on the banks of the curve. Started in the curve and clamped the throttle then realized it was a tight horse shoe in river. Instinct was to dump the throttle, wrong idea (lost ability to turn), clamped the throttle again while laying down the best rooster tail of a life time. Bank lined solid with large cypress trees, was just barely able to make the turn before hitting the strait.

    I'm sure the people on the beach still talk about that moment today, to them it surely looked like the best rider that they had ever seen. They just didnt know my ass bit a chunk out of the seat while trying to hold on.

    Stupid mistake that I will never make again, could have caused me to loose my life!

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    i dislocated my shoulder while approaching a bridge, had only a couple seconds to pull my shoulder back into place and regain control of my ski before i hit the bridge !!!!!!!! all this while doing over 65 mph, lesson learned, don't race under bridges, only open water !!!!!!

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