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    Kawasaki win mark hahn 300 2012 again

    Mark Hahn 2012 300 mile Iron Man winner also first place Stock Class winner also second overall event winner. Big thank you to Carl Lloyd and an incredible pit crew who refuelled my new 2012 300x out and back in the water five times in around 60 seconds each time with a total of over 450 litres of fuel used in a total start to finish race time of 4 hours 20 minutes and twenty five seconds !
    417006_2620812840745_1267913301_31888680_427568544 _n.jpg

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    Congratulations again .... A hard earned win!

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    I was the guy that shook your hand at Denny's Sunday morning.

    People like you we must recognize and should be very proud of your dedication coming all the way to here from the UK to compete with like minded folks. It's quite an accomplishment and people like you make jet ski racing the greatest motor sport competition in the world.

    Again best wishes and congratulations. Well done brother!

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    Great job man! Ironman, you really kicked some ass! Hard earned! Congrats!

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    # 666 Great ride. You earned it. Congrats 2nd place overall.

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    Well done Russel!!! outstanding again, see you in Plymouth.......

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    Fantastic job - what a race you had and quite an accomplishment!

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    Team 666 you all did a wonderful job.
    Personally as calm as it was that would have been more than I could have handled for all the rase. From riding it myself, you are definately an inspiration to all of us. I can not even imagine taking the chance of Ironmaning this just in case it were to get rough. You did it and place so well. Congrats to both your conditioning and the reliability of the ski. Grat job to you.

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