I have some friends with a set of seadoos, they have a 2009 rxt-x a 2009 gti and a 2009 challenger 230 with 2 215s. First off, the owner of these bought them new and was told at the time that they didnt need to flush them because the closed loop cooling (we only ever ride salt water) then after about 30 hours the boat had the supercharger washers on one of the motors go bad and it was fixed. at 90 hours I told them they needed to get all 4 of the chargers rebuilt. They called the dealer and asked and the service guy told them that they should just wait until the chargers blow because its not worth rebuilding them. 130 hours go buy total on the skis and 2 of them lost washers and both motors had to be repaired. I have not gotten a full invoice from them but I am quite sure that the motors were not fully rebuilt as they should have been I do know that the intercoolers were replaced on all 4 engines. They rode the skis after the washers went so they probably needed a full flush and build. It really pisses me off because I see this far too often, dealers don't tell the full tale in an effort to make money off repairs and people get screwed. One of my neighbors bought an ultra 250 and the dealer told him that it would run 90mph if he delimited it. Same deal for the seadoos, they would run 80 with a delimiter chip.

Just a rant,