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    kawasaki 650sx kill switch swap

    Hi, i have been given a new yamaha superjet stop start killswitch with lanyard by a friend. How hard will this be to wire into my 1989 kawasaki 650sx?

    Old kawasaki switch has black,white,orange and blue wires.
    New yamaha switch has black,white,red and brown wires.

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    on your kawi switch, the black, and white are for the kill button, and orange, and blue are start.

    on the yamaha, the black, and white are also for the kill button, and brown, and red are start.


    first, i would test the yamaha switch, as we see MANY here that have internal corrosion, etc, and stop working. if it is good, then just;

    connect black to black, white, to white, for the stop side.
    connect red to orange, and brown to blue for the start button.

    you should be good to go.

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