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    1996 XP; battery vent hose hooked to outlet on front, right side of hull?

    This is more for discussion than anything.

    I've got the freeze cracked engine out of one of my recently purchased '96 XPs. I noticed a hose going from the battery box up forward on the right side of the hull to a through fitting that exits out the right side. I'm assuming that this was for a wet cell battery vent ? Both skis came with newer AGM batteries that are in perfect shape so if this is indeed a battery vent, it won't be needed.

    Anyway, is there anything that this through hull fitting could be used for? Water outlet pisser maybe, like on my Yamis? Just thinking out loud so to speak.

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    Yes, that was for the original battery. The little plastic hull outlet will not flow very much at all. You could enlarge it but then it would be a tough location to see. Most folks wanna see their pissers pissing. Hey you should be listing those xp's in front of the Yamaha stuff, you've got real skis now!

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