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    2006 seadoo gtx injector problem

    Hello i just bought a 2006 seadoo gtx that hasnt started since it sunk. i pulled plugs got all water out of motor. changed oil, plugs. dried whole engine compartment completely with heaters on it over night. i put a fresh battery in it and she cranks over just fine. i get spark out of all three cylinders. but the injector on the 3rd cylinder is constantly on. when i pull the fuel rail and injectors off and roll it over cylinder 1 and 2 mist fuel on a timed schedule as they should but as of the 3rd cylinder injector has a constant mist of fuel coming out of it with hydrolocks that cylinder if i put it all together with plugs and try to start it. i have checked all my fuse. swapped out the computer module (which holds all fuses and has the 2 big plugs going into it) with a working one and no change.. anyother ideas? my next guess is ecu but would like some other input. any help would be great

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    Did you change the bad injector for a known good one? try swapping the injector with the front injector, does the problem still occor on that cyl only? , or did it move to the other cyl?

    Souns like a bad injector, wiring problem, or the ECU (which runs the injectors)

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    its not the injector.. i wish it was though.. as far as swapping ecu do you know what other years and models are compatible. also would i need to take it to a dealer to get reflashed or reprogrammed if i did put a different used ecu in? or is that only if you need to program a different key to a different ecu?
    any help would be great.. also if it was the ecu shouldnt some codes be popping up? because it doesnt flash any codes

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