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    Question 10% off performance parts?

    Sup guys, season is getting closer and i am about ready to order some aftermarket parts. i remember somebody was saying that we get 10% off performance parts when we order them through green hulk. I was wondering how do i go about doing that so i can get a discount? Is there a special code i enter or something? Thanks guys.

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    Only works on Riva and R&D parts if I remember well

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    Thank you very much gentlemen!

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    Don't get too exited on performance parts for the 300x lol they all almost worthless other than the delemiter

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    Correct on all the above.
    GREENHULK is the coupon code
    Only on Riva and R&D parts
    Choose wisely as to what you really want to get for your 300.

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    Thanks for all the input guys. Im just looking to buy an exhaust and power filter. Not looking to go crazy just wanna make it a little louder and lil more pep.

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