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    Talking Rare Fish never before caught from a Jetski!

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    Check out these weird and wonderful monsters from the deep! Amazing what you can ctah in 600 feet of water!

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    Wow, A CHROME FISH! Thats Bad ass.. what kind of fish was that?

    30 miles offshore is pretty far. Good thing you had a boat with ya. Another great trip. I love variety pack fishing too. it's the best. you never know what you'll pull up.

    Be careful with those TEETH! Geez, look at that bite on that second fish!. Keep Fishing, I'll be watching. Great vids to watch on the big screen. feels like your right there.

    Yeah your right, the 600ft fish die before they get to the surface. Good thing too. I wouldn't hold on to that second fish if it was "green" still.

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