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    Lucky Guy with PV Save?

    I bought a used 66V powervalve motor (1200 year 2000) with even compression straight accross the board. There's still cross hatching in all three cylinders that can be seen from the reed side. I bought a set of clips and was pulling the powervalve covers off. On the flywheel side cylinder, the valve pin was completely out and laying forward in the valley infront of the connector. To me, it looked as if while the motor was being assembled, the pin was never installed, it has no wear marks whatsoever on it. The other two are fine.

    Thoughts on removing cylinder head just to double check? Advice and experience appreciated. Thanks.


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    Nevermind but thanks anyway, I pulled the head to check, all good. Thanks.


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    You're lucky! there have been enough blown cylinders due to the damn valves!
    Good job

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