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    Water in the top of the cylinders- 1998 zxi kawasaki

    Long story short, purchased a ski from a neighbor, ski was left for dead, It looks like it has never been out on the water, the engine and deck look like new. So I Cleaned out fuel tank, rebuilt carbs, All three cylinders have 125 psi compresson test. Just got the ski to fire off but, too much smoke, then ski died, pulled the plugs and there is a oily water coating on the plugs. Neighbor says they had trouble putting the flush system on the ski and think they put the flush on wrong. and water is getting to the cylinder heads.
    Is is possible to mess up the flush hoses on the ski to get water in the top of the cylinders? Does any one have a photo/diagram for the flush set up for this ski? Or am I looking at a blown head gasket? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Doesn't sound good. The aftermarket flush fitting simply goes on in place of the factory flush fitting. The factory fitting requires that you cut a 5/8" garden hose and slide it onto a barbed connector. The aftermarket kits have a standard hose fitting.

    That said, the engine must ALWAYS BE RUNNING when the water is on. NEVER allow water to run when the engine is not running. It is possible for water to collect in the exhaust system and flow backwards into the cylinders if the engine isn't running.

    If this is what happened, and the engine has sat for more than a day or so, it's toast. Water will get into the crankcase and destroy the crankshaft and bearings.

    Ground the spark plug wires (there should be a bracket for this), remove the spark plugs, open the throttle, and crank the engine. If you get a bunch of water out, that's a bad sign. At the very least, you should remove the carbs and reed valves, then look inside the engine and see if the crank bearings are rusty. If they are, the engine will most like fail in a few hours of operation.

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    Thanks for your help, I did remove the plugs and turn over the engine. There was a mist of water/oil/fuel, just enought to coat the plugs and stop the engine. I will try again and see if the last bit of water comes out. I am only famililar with outboard motors. So I have been turning on the water then starting the ski. I will also pull the carbs, reeds and look down in the crank.

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    Start the engine then turn on the water

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