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    1998 sltx one cylinder not. Getting fuel help!!

    Ok so I got my sltx running after 3 years of sitting to the flame arrester off and noticed that fuel was pissing in 2 of the 3 holes in the carb the back one isn't pissing any fuel into the cylinder any tips or how to fix this ? Thanks

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    Go through the carbs or just rebuild them due to age.

    Only use genuine Keihin replacement parts.

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    you refferring to the accelerator pump not spraying on that cylider??sounds like the check ball is stuck inside the brass could remove the feed hose to it and using about 2 feet similar hose to connect onto the flange for it,use about 40-50 psi from a compressor to unstick probably has some corrosion on the check ball and will stall when you open the throttle after idling a bit until you blip the throttle a couple times to refill the lines

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