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    R&D pump cone for cavitation on FXHO?

    I've been lurking on the forum for a while but don't post much as you guys are much more knowledgeable than I am--- have a question and can't find an answer using the search function so any help would appreciated!

    I have 2 '10 FXHO Cruisers that are nearly stock-- i've removed the ribbons, removed the airbox and installed a K&N filter, and switched to R&D scoop grates with the pump seal kits.

    I now have a lot of cavitation from a standing start--- for the first second or two, it seems like it's not hooking up well, then it connects and goes fine.

    would an R&D pump cone help? Are there other options?

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    Off topic but with those mods what is your top speed?

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    On GPS, I'm seeing a consistant 64---(dreamometer says 67) I hit 65 once on dead flat water.

    Not sure if the scoop grate is taking off an MPH or two but it's worth it to me to get the better hookup.

    Acceleration and mid-range is where I really notice the difference with the mods to the airflow.

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    is this happening with both of them? and how many hours? there is a good chance ur prop is wearing out... i took out my stock prop at 40 hours and it had cavitation burns on it..

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    You would think that 1.8L would be much faster modded. The modded MR-1 FXHO would hit 64 and 65.

    I was reading about SHO owner complaining about losing holeshot/cavitation after he modded it.

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    They both do it but one is worse than the other--- they both have about 38 hours on them.

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