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Thread: Stx 900 re bore

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    Stx 900 re bore

    Well I've done a search and can't come up with any answers so here goes.
    I have just bought a stx900 year 98 and it has suffered oil starvation to piston one ( oil line came off)
    Piston is 40% missing although I have looked in the crank case cleaned the crank and reeds and all I could find where little bits of Ali nothing much. The guy I got it of said it didn't seize but lost power.
    Crank and casings look ok as do the other two pistons the only thing is one cylinder is scored pretty bad I'd say it needs at least 1mm to 1.5mm taken of. My question is can these cylinders be rebored and how much can it be rebored also can I just rebore the one cylinder or have I got to do the three?
    Lastly I'm in need of an online Manual if anyone's got any links it be most great full.
    Cheers dudes.

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    Just sent you a PM. Don't know the max oversize, but there are several cylinders on Ebay right now, and sleeves.

    Your piston parts may have gone out the exhaust port. Just spin the crank carefully and check for any bearing noise or roughness. It must be smooth. Flush out the crankcase thoroughly to get all the debris out.

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    98 stx 900 yay ive got one of those still trying to find a part for mine. I will give you one heads up the 98 and 97 900 stx's are peculiar on some parts not all but on some..especialy exhaust parts parts of that style in that year were only used in 1997-1998 stx skis. so just make sure if u have to replace some things to check closely.

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