Ok so imo something needs to be done about telecom companies and how out of control they have gotten, but thats a whole other discussion.

I have Comcast with the following 1 DVR/HD box, 3 of the DTA (digital to analog) boxes, and just got a HD only box. Well I only get standard SDTV channels on the HD box with all HD channels saying service unavailable, and have this feeling that its going to cost me extra on top of the cost of the box (tho I have yet to call to inquire about this issue).

Ive been looking into getting tivo and was curious as to how it operates, setup, and cost. From some internet digging Ive found that comcast will supply you with one cable card for free if it replaces your cable box, but any extras cost you $7-9 each PLUS additional $7-9 if you want HD programming. Which is BS, since its the same cost as getting another box.

With the tivo system do you need a cable card for each tuner? Or is that you have 1 master tuner (thus 1 card), and the 3 other tuners are slave units? Also is the monthly fee necessary to watch programming or do you just need it to access tivo features?

I know that if I get the tivo premiere elite and life time tivo service it will cost a grand, but if im paying $50 a month in boxes it might be a good trade off over the long run. Just looking for some info.