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    Et137 and 42 injectors

    Looking at a ET137 charger to go on a rxp215. Will 42 injectors work with this charger. I have a 19/20r prop to install as well. What else is a must to make this combination work. Not trying to build for top speed but would like top speed above 72 MPH and strong acceleration. I have read a variety of posts on supercharger upgrades and I am confused if I can get away without an intercooler upgrade or not also whether or not 42 injectors will besnough. I do not want to spin motor above 8150.


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    I think you will need RRFPR with those 42s as well!

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    I use the Et-137 the bosh 42's and a EX-IC and a RRFPR, I think it is a must to have a AFR gauge to monitor your fuel ratio,
    I am all over the 8150-8200 rev limiter with a 15/20 prop, and yes the acceleration is so much more responsive than the x- charger,
    the 42's seem to keep up with the demand and my afr's are decent thru all the rpm's,
    I am a believer of monitoring your Air to Fuel Ratio to avoid the lean burn down, there are plenty of sticky's on all the above subjects and many past posts,
    I chose this set up for closed course racing in the limited class,

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    You will need a rrfpr and a 15/22R impeller

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    thanks for the information, it seems that I will be in for more upgrades and parts if I go with the ET137 than an x charger plus the need to monitor a/f. I am thinking now I will stick with my orginal plan and order a new X charger to go with the 42's and the 15/20r solas that I have picked up already. From reading other posts the other must will be a 4 inch intake.

    thanks again I am looking forward to getting the sk together and out on the water this summer

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