I'm a proud owner of a 1996 Yamaha Waverunner III model WRA650U which needs it's Jet Pump repaired. Last summer the lake (Lake McConaughy) we took it to many times was flooded most of the summer resulting in lots of wood debris and family members I will not disclose; neglected to avoid debris resulting in destroying my impeller and parts of the Jet Pump to boot.

I purchased the Yamaha Service Manual for this model and begin carefully taking apart the Jet Pump. I've been inspecting the damage and it looks like only the impeller will need to be replaced. The Duct Impeller has a little bit of damage with four nicks on the edges of the inter-fins. I don't know if the drive shaft is bent but the service manual states it must be within 0.3 mm or it will need to be replaced. I must say the Genuine Yamaha Service Manual really sucks and does a poor job explaining how to disassemble things and I'm at a point where I don't know how to finish disassemble the Jet Pump which is part of the reason why I'm posting this thread. I figured that since I'm tearing apart the Jet Pump I should install new bearings, seals and O-rings since I don't know the history of the Waverunner and it likely is due for new ones.

I'm hoping somebody with knowledge of this type of Waverunner can help answer some questions and provide expert advice, I have the following questions:

Question 1:

How do you correctly remove the front and rear bearings attached between the drive shaft and the Duct Impeller? All the service manual indicates is that you need to use a press but I don't see how you can get the bearings out with just a press. It also states that you need to use a slide hammer set to remove the front bearings. I'm assuming you can rent something like that from Autozone but I'm not exactly sure how you use it to remove the bearings. Any advice on the best approach to doing this is appreciated.

Question 2:
Within the Duct Intake is bushing, oil seal and spacer but it appears you need some special tool called Driver rod and Ball bearing attachment to extract them. How can I determine whether or not I should replace these parts? Is there a way to extract and install new ones without purchasing these special tools reference in the service manual?

Question 3:
The service manual states you need a v-block and dial gauge to test the tolerance of the drive shaft. Is there any specific type of shop or business that I can take it too for them to test it instead of purchasing v-blocks and dial gauge?

Question 4:
How sensitive is the Duct Impeller to chips and knicks in the inter-fins? I can replace it for a new OEM for around $200 but I'd rather not if its not necessary. Here are pictures of the Duct Impeller to show the damage I'm talking about:

Question 5:
I noticed lots of pitting and scratches on the Nozzle Deflector, Duct Impeller and Impeller Housing does it make sense to have to media blasted and repainted? If so what type of paint are you suppose to use, does Yamaha sell an official paint for the Jet Pump case?

I appreciate any responses to these questions and hopefully can get my Waverunner operational again for the next summer without taking it to dealer for repairs.