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    Questions on used parts 04 gp1300r

    First and foreost I would just like to say what a wealth of information on this website!! Outstanding job to those that donate time for toturials, as well as the moderators for keeping it organized and clean!!

    My question is , I am the proud new owner of a pair of GP1300R's(04 & 05) I have had them looked over by a marine mechanic friend of mine and have been given a seal of approval. I am in process now of repairing them (all cosmetic) and one of the things i cannot seem to find is the glove box lid. I have looked on-line and cannot seem to find any non-shady places to purchase a used lid from. Any ideas?

    My appologize to the moderators but i could not post to the classifieds yet, as i am new

    Thanks All!!!

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    Thanks for the quick reply, but i was looking for someone maybe parting out (used parts)

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    used lids are hard to find in good condition... IMO bite the bullet and get a new one (with the hardware)

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