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    97' XP 787 engine coolant (water) everywhere

    Hello ya'll. I have a 97 XP with the 787 engine. I have noticed that while running it on the hose and on the lake there is water droplets coming out of the side of the engine block. Last season it was like 2-5 drops a minute. Now it's almost a really fine stream. I have noticed it on the pto piston right behind the fuel accelerator. Is there a cooling jacket that goes down the exhaust/carb side of the engine? It kind of looks like it's leaking at the seem between the bottom end and the jug. What would be the cause of this, do the base gaskets rot out over time? Was there not enough antifreeze in the block over the winter? The top end of the engine is perfect.
    Thanks for your help!

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    Depending on how many hours the engine maybe has the base gasket is broken and what you see is a leak coming from the cylinder bottom.Two stroke engines have water running around them. Here on the island is common to happen due to salt water and poor maintenance that not only the gaskets tend to broke but also the pipe water seals get corroded.

    In your case I suggest to remove the cyl and replace the gasket. You will need aslo the exh manifold gasket. Maybe a good time to refresh the engine (new piston rings and bearings and look the color of the cranckshaft. )

    Hope this helps.

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