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    Yamaha Sand Pump

    First, sorry for the backstory.
    Ski in question:1997 GP1200

    Bottomed out a bit on a sand bar doing around 5mph. Took under 30 seconds to get off the sandbar, but I'm sure I was pumping sand the whole time. Other than the pump itself, where should I look for sand? I don't want the sand to cause any cooling issues.

    Hopefully, this is some sort of check Component A for sand, if sand is present check Component B for sand. If Component B doesn't have sand in it then we can assume Component C is sand-free type situation. I have no idea though, I am a noob.

    I am of the better safe than sorry philosophy...

    Your help is appreciated!

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    component A is the pump

    component B is a a hose between the rear of the ski (pump area) to the motor

    component C is the motor

    just to be sure I'd

    1) remove the pump assembly and check the strainer area for sand

    2) if no sand is found, then reassemble pump and run the motor connected to a garden hose just to confirm the water is exiting out all of the water outlets properly (and nothing is plugged up with sand)

    3) finally just to be sure, next time you run the ski on the water confirm water is exiting all of the water outlets properly and nothing is plugged up

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    Now, is it only GPR that have that stainer on the top of the pump? Mine definitely does not have that. I had sand above my pump, but not in my pump.

    Does the coolant water go from the pump straight to the head passages? Does anyone install a filter bowl on the hose to help protect against this sort of thing?

    You say all the water outlets, but I know of only the one on the left side of the ski. Are there others?

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    GP1200s don't have a strainer. The water flows from the pump to the bottom of the exhaust manifold, flows through the manifold into the bottom of the cylinders, up out of the head, and into the exhaust u-pipe and expansion chamber water jackets.
    Anyone of these places can clog up with sand but I most commonly see the expansion chamber jackets and its hoses clog up.

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    did you ride any distance after the sand bar? if you rode quite a while, chances are you blew most of it out, but as Cutlass mentioned there are places where the sand gets caught up.

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