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    Question 1997-1998 Kawasaki STX

    Ok......i have emailed countless yards made countless phone calls......talked to so many people my head hurts I have a 1998 Kawasaki 900 STX and I need the exhaust coupler (rubber doughnut looking thing) Ived tried every thing short of sacrificing a chicken to Poseidon in the hope of favorable outcome. Any one out there have an old junk 900 stx in that year range or have any ideas on new search leads.....and yes I have browsed this forum extensively I have used the link to SBT and emailed every single person and company i could find on that web out of ideas...short of cutting holes in the hull and running straight pipes out the side lol.....

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    Go to and look at silicon hump hoses. They might have something that will work or maybe they can point you in the right direction.

    I've heard that you can swap the complete exhaust from an 1100. You have to change the manifold, etc.

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    ive got the exhuast from a newer 900 that has the different (same as 1100) style....when i first test fit it didnt seem to fit ......since i can not find the part.... I am going to go back and retest a the other exhuast....this time i will put the exhuast on to the egine first if i have all else half tempted to install a rotary engine into the blasted thing just for the hell of it...ill find something that works one way or another.....hmmm straight pipes......out the side of the hull lol

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    What exactly are you trying to accomplish? A simple repair of a bad coupler hose or match up a different engine to the waterbox?

    What are the dimensions of the coupler? I have plenty of silicone exhaust hose laying around and can probably hook you up with enough to get you running again with a couple spares.

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