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    1997 Sea Doo XP help

    I have a 1997 Sea Doo XP, I bought it last summer with a blown motor. I put a new motor in it this winter, rebuilt the carbs, new battery, and new gas. The problem is it wonrt even beep when you put in the key. How can I tell if the MPEM is good before I take it the ripoffship (dealership)?

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    First qustion would be.
    When you plug in your lanyard do your guages move (fuel and vts).
    Next question would be.
    Will it do anything when you plug it in and hit the start button.
    More time than none it turns out to be a fuse problem and not
    the mpem.
    Your boat has a single coil system so its fairly easy to work on.
    There is a black box in the front motor compartment that if you
    remove the cover you should see some fuses. Check them
    and get back here to post what you have found.
    Also DOUBLE CHECK all you connections and battery ends.
    Including your neg and pos wires on the motor..


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    Rudedog, whats up man?
    Scott you can also check and see you have proper ground, then check the starter and starter solenoid. If they are bad, sometimes you won't even get power. Simple question, but is the battery new or even charged up? Seadoos drain batteries while sitting.

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    Thanks for the advise will be checking tomrrow.

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