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    Pink fluid under 300x

    Hi all,

    I was taking my 300x to the lake for the first time. When i pulled in the gas station this morning, i noticed a small amount of pink fluid (feels oily) under my ski near the jet. The ski was in my garage for a few weeks before that, and it is in my garage now after riding. The only time i saw the pink fluid is when i was at the gas station. Does anybody know if that can be a problem? (it might be some thing i knocked over on the highway)


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    Check your sc. You may have a blown seal. Feel all-around it and directly beneath it for signs of more oil if you don't fin anything then only other thing is whatever lube u may use in post ride clean up

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    Thanks, I looked and felt around the SC under my seat, it looks and feels clean, no fluid under the seat. i will ask my dealer if they used pink lube for the clean up, it is a brand new machine, and it only had that fluid on my way to the lake, once i got there, its all gone. and it ran well, so i think you are right about the lube.

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