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    Feelers on a Turbo T-X partout

    One last Ditch Effort to sell this ski in Australia then it'll be parted out...The idea will be to either sell the Turbo and Performance parts or to Swap all Performance Turbo parts for T-X stock S/C parts...

    A list of what will be available. As well as all the Other parts....If your keen on anything feel free to shoot me a PM and If it does become a Part out Ill reply to the First in...No prices yet but just putting the feelers out to see if I can offload all the Bits...


    2008 RXT-X

    Resprayed Jet Black a year ago(some small scratches in paint)
    Brand new Garrett Turbo GT28 internal Waste gate bout 2 hours on it
    Riva 8600rpm ECU
    Riva 50lb injectors
    engine tech RRFPR
    Block Guard
    Les Cooke Spring Retainers
    RAD racing Tourque Plate
    Walbro fuel pump
    R&D thermo
    Custom alloy Intake manifold, Fuel rail and Coolant tank
    Rossnemo Ported TB
    New XS intercooler
    R&D intake grate, Solas 15/22r prop, RXP 83mm Nozzle
    UMI steering setup with ODI grips, Rethal bars
    custom SS Waterjacketed J-pipe
    SS straight through Exhaust (loud!!!)
    Jettrim Seat cover and Hydroturf Deck mats
    Riva catch can
    Innovate AFR gauge

    Plus all the Other Stuff

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    how much u want for the ski and what is your location does the turbo have a water jacket on the rear housing?..

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    WA. And no turbo has a asking 10kau ONO

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    $10k, for the entire ski????

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    pm sent

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    Let me know if you want to sell / swap the UMI setup

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