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    01 rx with 130/155/185/215 engine placement

    I have an 01 rx and want to know if i can put a 130, 155, 185 or a 215 engine in my rx. Or is it to heavy which im thinking that it is. If it will fit would it be close to be a blot in project or a little modifying.


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    This would be absolutely pointless, IMHO. The RX hull is basically the same as the RXP, but they cut the top off and added a spacer in the seat area to enable installing the larger 4-TEC engine. You would need to radically cut under the seat areas on the RX to fit the engine.

    All you could use from the RX is the shell of the hull. A shell of a hull has almost no value, whether it is a RX or RXP. You would be adding all of the valuable stuff, so why would you invest all that money to create something basically worthless from a resale value in the end? Plus a lot of work for the mounts, the driveshaft, pump mount, you name it.

    If you are thinking like this, just sell the RX and go out and buy a 4-TEC ski.

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