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    95 Waveraider...I Need help figuring out whats wrong

    I am new to jet skis and bought a 95 waveraider. It rides good part of the time but at times it will rev up (and not move) and it sounds almost like a grinding noise somewhere, but if you you rock it side to side and it will slowly snap out of it and go. Does anyone have any idea what I need to fix?

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    sounds like your pump or intermediate shaft splines are worn away...youll have to pull the pump to verify.. the idea that your rocking it back and forth till it catches may also indicate a broken /loose intermediate housing ( this would also allow the shaft to wear prematurely as its needs to stay perfectly in line) rocking it may bind it enough to catch and hold till the next jar unlocks it...its also possible(not likely) the impeller shaft is loose and slinding back,engaging when the impeller rotation forces it forward..

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    x2....rounded the splines off the shaft

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    Thanks for responding...I have worked on motorcycles since I was a kid, but am new to jet skis. What parts should I order and is there any special tools required to handle this. P.S. Jet ski is in storage this week so will not be able to check until later on this week.

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    You should check it out before you order parts.

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    you really need to pull the pump to see what you need. You will proble need a coupler, maybe a drive shaft, and any other parts you find worn during disasembaly. I havnt had a yamaha do what you are expieriencing, but generaly, the couplers splines round off and the shaft can be reused, but there are times that the shaft splines are damaged and the shaft must be replaced. you really just need a good set of sockets, wrenches, a rubber mallet, and a little force to get to what you need to see. You will need more extensive tools for removing the impeller, etc, but the shaft is removable by taking all of the linkages (steering, trim is applicable), and remove and siphon hoses or lines connected to the pump ending, and remove the bolts in the back of the tunnel holding the outer pump onto the inner pump. Once disconected, the pump will come off, sometimes with the help of tapping it with the mallet and excesive force if it has been in salt water. You should then be able to feel the shaft for slop, and if you can spin it in the cooupler, there lies your issue, if not keep diggin.

    Start by tearing it apart and let us know what you find / post pictures

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